How to control the "title" of a form submission?

I have a form with the following fields:

  • scholarity (select)
  • gender (radio)
  • child_grades (range)
  • monthly_income (select)
  • alumni (radio)
  • full_name (text)
  • email (email)
  • mobile_phone (text)
  • scholarship_eligible (hidden)

I would like the submission title in the dashboard to be the full_name field, but instead I’m getting the child_grades one.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Any advice is appreciated.

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I don’t think there is any way to specify which field is shown there, @zomars. Most customers use a notification (email or webhook) for form submissions, or download the csv of all submissions, rather than trying to click into each in our UI. There you’ll see all the fields :slight_smile:

Is there a reason why is choosing that specific field? Is it random?

Hi @zomars , no real reason other than it wasn’t designed that way. The UI displays it as it receives it from the API. Sorry about that!

I’m running into this too. What’s most frustrating about it is that Netlify is using one of my optional inputs as a title, which means that the vast majority of submissions appear with no title (see attached screenshot).

It would be great if we could choose a title field in the Netlify UI, or at least infer from the input’s name attribute which ones are most useful (e.g. name, email, username, etc.)

Your best bet will be to export the submissions to some other system where you can review them, Dan. Your voice has been added to the feature request, but I don’t expect we’ll implement it soon.