Specify Form Field To Use In Submission Listing

I’m submitting a form using ajax and everything is working fine but I can’t figure out how to specify which field is displayed in the submission list in the admin. Looks like it’s just using the last field in my form. Is there any way to specify which field to use instead?

hey @KarlKedrovsky_VMLYR - can you post a screenshot? i am not sure i am following what you are trying to do! thanks.

Sorry, should have posted this in the original post:

The “blah blah blah” and “a lot of things” text is coming from the last field in the form but I’d like to use a different form field instead. Just can’t figure out how to specify which form field is used in the listing of form submissions.


I don’t think the previews are configurable. I’ve seen ‘name’ and ‘message’ typically are used as the text in that preview area. Can you tell me your field names and which field you want shown there?

The field I’d like to use is called “fullName” but I can certainly change it if there is a specific field name that should be used.

I just ran a test changing “fullName” to “name” and got the same results. The form field that is displayed in the list of form submissions is “description”, which is no longer the last field in the form. However, I ran another test and changed that field name to “otherDescription” and dynamically added a new field called “description” right before submitting the form to Netlify and it didn’t help. The field “otherDescription” was still used. The only thing unique about “otherDescription” is that it’s the only textarea, but I can’t imagine that having anything to do with it. Could be wrong though.

i checked our code and the way we generate the summary is we look for a ‘text’ field or a field labeled ‘name’. This becomes the bolded part of the summary which typically show who the submission is from. Then we look for a textarea and that becomes the body that you see. So you’ll need a ‘name’ field with type of ‘text’ and a ‘textarea’ field. The result will look like the following:

Thanks Dennis. I did a bit more testing and it doesn’t look like it works that way, at least not when submitting via ajax. It would be nice to be able to specify which fields are used in the display but for now I’m just going to live with the way it shows up (just displaying the text area field).

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