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How to add a .well-known folder to my website

How can I upload a .well-known folder or a file that starts with a dot?

Depend how you’re building. In most Static Site Generators, you’d have a public or a static or a folder that remains unprocessed during build and is copied as is to the root of the website. In that case, you would just create the required files in that folder and build the website. They’ll be available at the desired path.

The thing is, every time I deploy my website, Netlify removes all of the files that start with a dot (.). Which means I can’t add a .well-known folder because it doesn’t upload it

Turns out you’re right. But, it’s only the case with manual deployments (that is deploying from a folder). Deploying from GitHub works fine.

But how do I put my website in GitHub when it has hundreds of files and folders?

As long as it’s not crossing the 2GB limit and no individual file is over 100MB, you can easily do it. If you need more storage, you might want to consider GitLab.

That being said, the how part depends. I’m considering you’ve not installed Git at all. Then, first you’d have to download Git: https://git-scm.com/downloads and then, you’d have to setup a repo. If you use code editor like Visual Studio Code, it might have an integrated Git workflow and you can use GUI to easily upload files. GitHub also has a desktop app to help you set it up without any commands.

Hy @hrishikesh, I have some issue in continues deployment via git and I have to deploy my site manually. How can I use .dot files to work on my sites. I’m using dot files as email templates.

As he suggested last year in this thread, you should be able to deploy those files from git but not via drag and drop or other manual upload. Do you not see that working when you try? If not, please link us to the deploy in question in our UI so we can see the build logs and try to give you better advice :slight_smile: