How is "Pages changed" generated?

We get a “Pages changed” list as part of deploy rich details notifications. How is that list generated? Asking because the list does not always seem correct. For example, on this public repo pull request, Git lists 16 “Files changed”, whereas Netlify reports 462 “Pages changed.”

Is it because Netlify compares against latest master, instead of against branch HEAD?

Follow-up question: Are we able to see the full list of “Pages changed” generated by Netlify somewhere? Clicking “View more details on Netlify” simply brings me to the build log.

Thank you!

The pages changes changed list count means even a single character being changed on the website’s pages.

For example, suppose you have imported a JavaScript file like this: <script src = "/js/foo-v1.0.0.js>. That line of code exists on all pages of your website, but only in one file (the base layout) of your GitHub repo. However, when you change it, say <script src = "/js/foo-v1.0.1.js>, you’re changing just one file of the repo, but in the build, it changes all the HTML pages that had that code. Thus, your repo will show 1 file changed, but Nelify will report n files changed as Netlify compares the built HTML files and not the Git repo’s files.

This was just an example of how even a small change in the code of one file can actually change a lot of pages in the build.

Hope this helps.