How do I transfer all website, wordpress and domain?

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How do I transfer the website, WordPress, and domain to Netlify? Also, SSL is not working. Can you please help me? How do I fix it?


Hey @Ali_Shoaib

You do understand that WordPress will not run on Netlify?

If you wish to use WordPress and Netlify, you will need to generate a static site from the WordPress content to deploy to Netlify. There are numerous posts in these forums covering this topic:

You might also look at the numerous Netlify blog posts on WordPress.

Also, how to secure SSL HTTPS. I tried to verify it but it is not working and it says is not resolved dnssc.

Can you please how do I fix it?


As per this documentation DNSSEC is not (currently) supported on Netlify. If you wish to use DNSSEC you will need to configure using external DNS rather than Netlify DNS.