How do I transfer a domain I own to Netlify?

  • site name: comforting-cobbler-be5640
  • custom domain:

I own this custom domain name, bought from NameCheap.
I want to transfer its ownership from NameCheap to Netlify.
Are there any steps I can take or any suggestions?

@nicomwong Answer here:

Thank you for the awesome answer.

I have this problem:

  • I bought the domain on NameCheap.
  • I want to enable HTTPS/SSL.
  • NameCheap has SSL but it requires a CSR, which this post says is not supported by Netlify.
  • Netlify offers free SSL support for domains that it is managing.
    I’m thinking if I somehow get this domain to be managed by Netlify, then I can enable HTTPS easily (and for free). Is there any way I can accomplish this?

I want Netlify to handle my domain, not NameCheap.

@nicomwong I think there might be a misunderstanding.

You don’t need Netlify to be the registrar of the domain to use their Lets Encrypt based free SSL certs.

Take another look at the documentation:

I know this because I don’t have any domains registered with Netlify and have used the automatically generated Let’s Encrypt SSL certs.

According to the post I linked, this quite simply isn’t possible.

Thank you. I checked and yes, Let’s Encrypt and HTTPS is enabled for my domain.

For some reason, before I remembered it saying that my domain must be registered by Netlify to use free HTTPS. That’s odd, though.

Hi, thanks for letting us know you got it sorted. Please let us know if you have any other questions.