How do I host multiple React apps under single hostname?

I’m wanting to host various CRA React apps under a single host name. I want to update various projects independently so as such they’re different netlify apps, auto deployed from GitHub. I’d like to preferably appended at the end of the base domain (like /projects/pokemon-info-app/), but if needed a subdomain can be fine.

Using Pokemon Info App as an example…

App name: DerpPrincess Dev Website
Netlify Link:
Hosted Link:
GitHub Repository: Private
Internal Routing:
Route exact path="/" component={Landing} />
Route exact path="/Blog" component={Blog} />
Route exact path="/About" component={About} />
Route component={Error404} />

App name: Pokemon Info App
Netlify Link:
GitHub Repository: GitHub - DerpPrincess/pokemon-info-app
Internal Routing:
Route exact path="/" component={Display} />
Route path="/:pokemon" component={Display} />

Is this solution to this proxying? Routing for all React apps are of course handled internally using react router. I have in the main directly of DerpPrincess Dev Website GitHub repo a netlify.toml file which has this:

The following redirect is intended for use with most SPAs that handle

routing internally.

from = “/*”
to = “/index.html”
status = 200

I tried this too, didn’t work … unfortunately

from = “/projects/pokemon-info-app/"
to = "

status = 200
force = true

And in the public folder of the DerpPrincess Dev Website GitHub repo I have a _redirects file which has this :

/* /index.html 200

I did try adding:

/projects/pokemon-info-app/* 200

But that didn’t seem to do anything, it simply redirected to 404 as per internal routing of DerpPrincess Dev Website app.

How do I handle this with Netlify?

hi there @DerpPrincess ,

thanks for reaching out. I am having a little trouble following your post, but if I understand correctly, you are trying to redirect to different netlify sites based on URL? is that about right?

I would suggest you give our redirects support guide a read through to see if anything here is helpful:

and it’s also relevant to check and make sure your redirects are being processed before we dig in:

if not, please post again, and we’ll try and troubleshoot.