How do i download (or get) my 2gb website without it crashing


So somehow ive lost my usb with all of my website data without me backing up. So i decided to just download from the netlify ui. But it failed supposedly because netlify cant really export websites over 2gb and such. So im wondering if any one of you can help me, maybe export to a download link, or just tell me a other way. I only understand basic html and css. So i cant really do anything without a detailed guide. So please help!

Hi, @randomguy01. You can use the “Deploy file browser” to download the files one by one. The “Deploy file browser” is found at the bottom of the deploy details page. However, that process will be labor and time intensive.

You might also just download the site with an external tools like wget (and don’t get me started on the The Social Network movie quote :face_with_diagonal_mouth: ). There SuperUser (aka StackOverflow) post with instructions about how to do that here:

Using wget might be much faster.

Please note, you will need to install wget first to use those instructions. I would also strongly recommend using the --random-wait option in the command if you end up using wget for this.

Last, but not least, if you do use wget with --random-wait to download the very large number of files in your deployed site, it will take several hours for that website copy to complete. However, if you wait for it to complete you should end up with a 1:1 copy of your deployed site.

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Sorry but i read the page that you included and i did not understand anything, im just a guy who only knows basic html and i dont even know how to use linux! Can you give me a much much more simpler method or just send me a download link for my website. If you cant or dont wanna im just gonna learn how to use the to use the method. Thank you for your time for responding!

Sorry, there is no other way.