How do I disable Rubygems installation?

My app has a Gemfile in the root directory, but it’s not needed for building on netlify. How can I disable automatic bundler/Ruby gem installation during the build process? It’s unnecessarily slowing it down when I only want to install javascript deps on netlify.

Remove the Gemfile so the build system doesn’t read it.

I need the Gemfile in my repo for non-netlify related scripts. Is there a way to remove it programmatically before the build happens?

Not that I am aware of.

You can trick Netlify into skipping installing gems straight from within your gemfile:

return true if ENV['NETLIFY']

source ''

more discussion here: How to ignore a Gemfile when building a site - #15 by fool


This is helpful in reducing, but not eliminating the time spent unnecessarily installing Ruby dependencies. Every build still spends 10-20 seconds unnecessarily installing a version of Bundler that isn’t needed:

5:05:44 PM: Attempting Ruby version 2.7.2, read from environment
5:05:45 PM: Using Ruby version 2.7.2
5:05:45 PM: Using Bundler version 2.4.9 from Gemfile.lock
5:05:57 PM: Successfully installed bundler-2.4.9

If you start using Ruby 2.7.2 in your project, this won’t be an issue.

Not a terribly helpful suggestion, especially considering that Ruby 2.7 is EOL (and there have been several 2.7.x versions after 2.7.2).

@hrishikesh any further comment here? It’s your company that is wasting countless build-hours on this, so I would imagine this would warrant some sort of solution…

As a workaround, I have started manually deleting the BUNDLED_WITH lines from my Gemfile.lock, but I don’t consider this to be a viable long-term solution, as those lines have a value in the contexts where I use Bundler in my project (none of which have anything to do with Netlify)

Unfortunately there are no updates in this area.