How do I correctly get redirects working?

Hello community!

My redirects are not working. My netlify site is

I’m migrating my wordpress site to netlify and using 11ty to generate the static content.

My wordpress site uses index.php/yyyy/mm/dd/slug and there are some sites out there that link to these URLs. I’d obviously like to keep these incoming links working, so I’ve been looking at _redirects.

As an example, sites are linking to
I want them redirected to

note - I haven’t yet done the custom domain step, so replace with the standard netlify domain

So, basically, I want to redirect /index.php/* to /posts/:slug, but I can’t seem to get it working.

Here’s my _redirects file:

/index.php/*        /posts/:splat

I’ve ensured that this file is published by adding this to _eleventy.js:


But nothing seems to work.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey Steve!

I’ve checked the latest deploy log for the site and I can see that 0 redirect rules are processed. Check out the status area above the console output here:

You might want to give the redirects guide a quick look-see, specifically the “I’m seeing 0 rules being deployed” section! :slight_smile:

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To debug if _redirects gets into the root of your website deploy, run a local build and check the _site (or your build) directory for the _redirects to make sure it gets copied.

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Many thanks - got it working! \o/

For some strange reason, I hadn’t pushed the _redirects file to git

Thanks again!

Thank you. That was my next step if I couldn’t get it to work. I did check the output, but by clicking the ‘download’ link at the top of the preview page. It downloads a zip of the output.

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