How do I change the timezone of the server?

Is that even possible, I have a daily list where I set songs everyday and fetch them from my API on my page, but it happens in UTC time instead of my and my follower’s local time, UTC+3. I will be keeping my website on Netlify for a while, maybe not forever but if there’s a way, I’d love to hear about it. I have tried setting TZ in Netlify.toml but it didn’t work.

Check my work on my GitHub:

All I want is this page to be rendered in real time with UTC+3 time. Like, I want it to display a new song (the code is fine, but it’s using UTC so my friends see it after 3 hours in our time).

@eggsy Welcome to the Netlify community.

Your files are not served from a server, but from a distributed CDN. You’ll probably have to come up with a JavaScript solution to “correct” the display time.

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Oh yes! I think I got it wrong, I just ran my website on my local machine and it didn’t work as expected here either. Thank you for your answer, I’ll check my code!

Oh :sweat_smile: it was my bad… I forgot add a song for that date on Firebase… Sorry about it.