Schedule functions time missmatch

Hi, I am currently having problems adjusting the execution time of scheduled functions, because if I put for example:

  schedule = "0 */24 * * *"


  schedule = "0 00 * * *"

in the netlify UI this function is executing at 7pm, it should be executed at 12:00 am


also if i’m setting:

  schedule = "59 23 * * *"


  schedule = "59 */23 * * *"

in the netlify UI this function is executing at 6:59pm, it should be executed at 11:59 pm

XaIjQ6J.png (240×74) (

I have tried several configurations but i’m having the same issue; is this an UI error? or just the default behaviour for the schedule functions?, none of this is referenced on the documentation.

Ps: i have removed the cron jobs, rebuilded and it’s having the same outcome.

siteId: 8f820e25-7f09-4d54-973d-6ab36b1db88e

Thanks a lot!

Hi @afar-cmyk,

I believe this is a timezone issue. The Functions would be scheduled according to UTC, but the UI will show the execution timing according to your time zone.

That’s right, the UI time got me confussed, i’m marking your reply as the Solution.