How can I use custom email accounts with domain connected to netlify?

Hi. I have a site on netlify: (custom domain:, and I want to create custom emails → and
Any of you know any way to do this? Is there a free way to link this to gmail?
I’m new and don’t know how to do this.
Please help me.

Here’s some pretty useful information on the subject:

Yes, but it only describes how to do a redirect. And is it possible to have an account such as This tutorial working with normal free gmail account or only gsuite?

That guide links to ImprovMX which is what you’re looking for:


Thank You very much. It’s exacly what I want :slight_smile:

I am facing a similar issue, I’ve done everything like it’s defined here and on my mail server it says that all my records are valid. However I still don’t receive any emails that are sent from my app.

Is there no way to go about this than to use ImprovMX?

If all the DNS records are valid, you need to try contacting your email provider. A lot of users are able to use various email providers by configuring the correct DNS records. As a DNS host, we can’t comment much on why you might not be receiving emails.

For cross-reference @hrishikesh, the issue @zzleki is facing is documented in

That would explain somethings. Yeah, the domain can only have one service’s nameservers at one time to work fine.