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How can I use custom email accounts with domain connected to netlify?

Hi. I have a site on netlify: https://brandeter.netlify.app (custom domain: brandeter.pl), and I want to create custom emails → kontakt@brandeter.pl and bok@brandeter.pl.
Any of you know any way to do this? Is there a free way to link this to gmail?
I’m new and don’t know how to do this.
Please help me.

Here’s some pretty useful information on the subject:

Yes, but it only describes how to do a redirect. And is it possible to have an account such as kontakt@brandeter.pl? This tutorial working with normal free gmail account or only gsuite?

That guide links to ImprovMX which is what you’re looking for:


Thank You very much. It’s exacly what I want :slight_smile: