How can I deploy from someone else's Github repo?

Hi everyone!

I’m currently deploying from my fork of a Github repo - would it be possible to deploy that original repo directly assuming I am a contributor on it?

Specifically, my website is located at and I’d like to deploy from this repo as opposed to my fork of the repo at

It looks like the only way to do it is to move the original repo into an organization that I own but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything small or silly!

Hey @yuanstanley,
Not missing anything small or silly :slight_smile: You’re correct that if the repo is not under your personal Github account, then you will have to go the route of moving the repo into an organization as you described. The reason is because the Netlify Github app, which our build system needs in order to communicate with you Github account, is installed at the personal and/or organization level. You’ll be able to see this if you go to

Let us know if you have any other questions!