Host a Subdomain elsewhere of a domain that lives on Netlify

I originally hosted my domain on Namecheap’s cpanel, and a few months ago made the switch to Netlify. I still host my email address with Namecheap, but I just realized I have a site that’s in limbo. It’s a Wordpress site, it is backed up…but is there any way to ‘see’ it again? How do I point to this site? And where? I’m lost.

hey @kaleigh, welcome.

give this post a read through, it should have some tips on how you can accomplish what you are trying to do!

If not, please comment again and we’ll do some more digging.

hey @perry…I think that helps. So I just need to go to Netlify App and add my subdomain there and figure out the address from my namecheap cpanel to add to it on the Netlify side?

Hi, @kaleigh, you are exactly correct. It is very possible that this record still exists in the now unused DNS configuration at namecheap. If so, the most direct solution (that I can think of) is to find that now unused DNS record, note the details, and then make a duplicate DNS record at Netlify.

If you do this, I recommend looking through all of the previous DNS records to see if there are others that might also benefit from being copied to Netlify DNS. We have a “common issue” type topic about this here also:

If there are other questions, we’re happy to answer.

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@luke and @perry this worked! thank you both so much! I’ll check on the records too, I’m sure there are other things that need to be tidied up.

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sure thing! glad its working now :slight_smile: