High bandwith usage

Hi, bandwith usage for this month has suddenly increased. My billing period is from Feb 25 to Mar 25 and current usage is 82/100 GB. Since I opened the account on Feb 25, 2020 my usage has never gone over 50%.

This month on March 5 I got a notification that usage is over 50%, then on March 7 that it is over 75% and today it is 82%. How is this possible? My sites don’t have an increase in visits.

Can you please help me find out what is the problem? If the usage keeps increasing by 13 GB every day it will go over 350GB at the end of the billing cycle.

Thank you in advance.

hi jonian, which site is this regarding? can you tell us the netlify name, or API ID (safe to share) please?

Hi @perry, thanks for the reply. I don’t know which site is causing the issue, I have 16 sites on my account. The last site I added was on Jan 7, 2021. Can you see the bandwith usage per site?

For now I have upgraded to Pro to get more bandwith but I would like to resolve the issue.

hi jonian, i can’t check your usage without knowing your team slug, or a netlify site name in that team, or the API ID of a site in your team. if you can share one of those three we can find you in the system and get a snapshot of your usage.