Hidden files removed in zip deploy

I am trying to add a .well-know/assetlinks.json file to my website (project ricochetrobots) however it appears that when deploying a zip file all of the hidden files are stripped (I have tried a small number of file and directory names starting with a ..

I have tried both the zip file API and the zip file via drag and drop. Is there any way to upload files or directories starting with a . to netlify?

I have confirmed that downloading the deploy as a zip has the hidden files stripped and they aren’t served in the site.

I have found a workaround. You can name the source file something that doesn’t start with a . and create a redirect rule to point the url with a . to it. Not scalable but can be used to work around individual cases.

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I reached out to support and they confirmed that this is “intended behaviour”. There is currently no way to make this just work but the suggesy the workaround of using redirect rules to point the hidden file paths to a non-hidden file in the deploy.