Hi team... can you please increase the timeout for the

Hi, i am doing video trimming in the nextjs server side… it is working in my local but when i deploy it is giving timeout error… please increase the time…
site : https://flaimed.netlify.app/

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Hi @sreekanth,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

I’ve increased the timeout for your functions to 26 seconds for site flaimed. Please note that you’ll have to redeploy the site (in the normal way - a new commit or a new deploy by your typical methods) to activate the new setting.

Hi Melvin, can you please increase timeout for the below url https://flaimed.netlify.app. Thanks… we seggregated the production and dev… Please increase the timeout… it is affecting the image loading from the server. Thanks

Hiya, just increased the function time for the site. Please re-deploy to see this take effect.