Help, I need admin help to delete my app

Hi admin and everyone, I used to deploy a web app for studying purpose, but now, I want to delete this deployment app. But it has a problem, I deleted Github and Gmail account which is used for deploy this app, so I can’t delete this app by myself. I need admin or somebody give me solution to delete this, thanks for reading.

Even if you deleted your email account, as long as you have your email and password, you should be able to login. If you have forgotten the password, I’m sorry to say, there’s not much that can be done here.

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Hi, admin, my application have information about my current email which I am using, how about to send me delete request to my email to delete this app. My gmail:
My app url:
You can see my gmail at the end of this web app,this information is enough to be accepted or I need to do another step, please help me a solution?
Thanks. Hope you can help me

Alright, the account as well as the site has been removed.

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Thanks for support. I hope you have a nice day.