Having # in directory name results in 404

I am also having and issue with a file with a # in the path. I have uploaded a file

which I can download from https://focused-brattain-ebe8c1.netlify.app/1/bundle/esm/l/en-US/bi/0/module/mi/examples%2Fexample%23example.html%2Fv%2F0_1_0/s/849dfeb6b2676fa18b8e8be0a84ff5fe72b7f68a/bundle_examples_example_example_html

however Netlify response with a 404 that breaks the app.

Hey @kmbauer,
This report is about filenames sent via Netlify Forms- is that what you’re talking about as well? If so, good news: we just shipped a fix that should roll out later this week. If not, let’s start a separate thread since it is a different URL-encoding issue.

Hey @jen it is in a folder name. Would that also be fixed?

Ah, that’s a separate issue- I’ve moved this to its own thread so we can discuss.

Is it possible for you to rename the folder?