Handling staging sites

Hi there,

New to netlify and just getting my head around how I can adjust my workflow. For context I currently use cloudways for staging and deployment.

Currently I create staging sites - via sub domains - on my own domain such as clientname.mydomain.co.uk. as I understand staging can be done on netlify but it’s on a per site basis by using a staging branch. Would I need to add my clients as a new site tied to a specific repo in order to get staging sites online? And would this also require DNS pointing to netlify?

I’m used to being able to set specific repos to pull from with sub subdomains on cloudways. Just want to make sure I have this straight in my head.

Hey there, @vdecree

Looks like this thread has been a little quiet. Sorry about that!

Can you explain what you are looking for in a different way? Are you trying to add folks to a role based access control, or are you trying to add people to a content management system?