GraphQl Queries

Hello all, I was wondering if Netlify runs Graphql queries every so often (once a day) or do I have to rebuild and deploy everytime I add a new post on my Headless CMS? Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Hi, @joshs, our service will build in basically two ways. I say “basically” because, technically, you can also call our API to trigger a build but I won’t go into that.

The two most common ways to start a build process at Netlify are:

  • the site is linked to a git repository and there is a commit to any branch the site is configured to use (there can me more than one branch used for a single site)
  • a build hook endpoint is used

One solution is to configure the CMS to call the webhook to trigger a build (especially if the CMS isn’t linked to the repo and doesn’t cause changes to it for some types of content changes). Another solution is to schedule builds on a timer.

We don’t have scheduled builds at Netlify currently. However, there is a Zapier integration which does this if you prefer this solution:

If there are other questions, please reply anytime.

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