Google Domain through Netlify DNS => MX records propogated but email still not receiving

I have a google domain that is going through netlify DNS.

The site works as expected. DNS seems to be setup right.

However when I send an email to, I get it bounced back.

I added the MX records to netlify DNS and I checked them with

Which showed the records, but still getting emails bounced.

Any ideas what I should look at next?

Hi Anthony,

Look am an absolutely noob at this, but since I did it today and seems to work, let’s just say it this way : aren’t you supposed to add the MX records on Netlify instead of google ?

Tell me if it helps :wink:


ugh sorry. I mean to say I added them to netlify and checked them through google tool to see if they propagated. So they are in netlify

IT took mine around 30 hours, maybe it’s about time. When have you done it ?

I havne’t waited long (maybe 30 minutes) but would the google tool be able to pull them from a DNS check if they weren’t propogated?

no idea, but i read in many places that you have to wait 48 hours normaly. Or maybe am mixing with the DNS propagation time for the domain name. Well good luck :stuck_out_tongue: can’t help you on this !

Hi, @anthony, and welcome to our Netlify community site. :+1:

There is a community “common issue” topic about this here:

We can help you make sure that all required DNS records are active and working at Netlify. What we cannot help you with is determining what “all required DNS records” actually means.

We need you to tell us what records need to be created. With that information we can assist with creating and verifying those records.

Would you please tell us what records aren’t working at this time?

(PS: @Kyliux, thanks for your input as well. DNS propagation delays are a common cause of such issues.)


It was actually an issue with gsuite. It works now!

TLDR: make sure your MX records are in netlify DNS and double check your gsuite setup

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glad it’s working now, @anthony!