Go function preview deploy not shown but working

Hi :wave: ,
I have deployed a preview function in go and it’s working all right but I can’t see it on the admin UI. Netlify URL : https://644bb9646f5af6005837d579--renter-helper.netlify.app
I was trying to see the response time and ended up noticing that the function “never dies”. Saved a timestamp in a variable right before it being called and when sending the response I do timestamp_right_before_sending_response - initial_timestamp it growing without ever resetting. While testing locally with the netlify dev command it working “properly” (stops right after sending the request)

Hi, I just checked your recent deploy here: https://644bf1ed1812030008dade29--renter-helper.netlify.app/

Are you still experiencing this problem? If so can you please clarify what you mean by “working” what is the expected behaviour.

Hi I found the issue for the deployment not being showed. Apparently when deploying a preview with the CLI (manually) the functions deployed are not “shown” (UI says “0 functions deployed” even though they’re working). But Looking through other issues on the forum it seems to be a known issue, and as long PR envs work I suppose it’s ok.
Regarding the fact that the function “never dies” I guess this might just be how it’s supposed to work ? Basically I can see that functions stays alive for more than 10s when testing it out on a deploy, which doesn’t seem to be the case with the cli dev command.
At first I was scared that I’d be charged for that “extra” running time but it seems to only take into account the time/ressources used to process the requests.

TLDR: all good in the end sorry for the trouble :sweat_smile: