Github pages 404 error on netlify page deployment

Hello, I am trying to host my personal website, and it is linked to a github repo. This repo has just a simple index.html file, as I am trying to get the hosting to work.

If I use the netlify site link - The page content is being displayed how it should.

When using the DNS domain that I have connected with netlify, which netlify has verified, I am getting a github pages 404 error for some reason. I am quite sure why github pages is involved here, as I don’t have a github pages branch on the repo, and the DNS was only shared to netlify.

custom domain verified with netlify is

Thanks for the help.

  • Sean

It appears to be working now, around an hour after the initial post. A response on how to prevent this in the future would be appreciated, as I am confident that the site was done building when the error was occurring. Just trying to prevent that from happening going forward.

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Hey @seanrosshughes

As you confirmed the custom domain was working around an hour after your initial post, it was likely a matter of waiting for DNS records to propagate. These can take up to 48 hours though usually much quicker in most instances.

You can find many DNS/SSL related threads via

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