GitHub Custom OAuth Netlify Identity

Hey folks, I’m trying to configure a custom GitHub provider for Netlify Identity, using Netlify CMS.

I seem to have understood the docs as such: Provide Client ID and Client Secret, having configured the Github OAuth App with the callback of

The site is here:

I still get a redirect_url_mismatch.

Hi, just to make sure. You are aware that external OAuth authentication is not available on the Netlify free plan.
If you are on the free plan this is an easy answer to your question, remember you can always use Netlify Identity if this is the case.

I am not on the free plan :slight_smile: But, thanks!

Hi @lukeoliff, it looks like you are on the Pro plan. Have you written in to about your issue?

That being said, could you provide a request-id for one of those instances that got the ‘redirect_url_mismatch’? To get a request-id, you can follow the steps described here.

Thank you for you patience.