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Git Credential Manager asking for details when I clone a repository

  • Netlify site name: wagon-doge.netlify.app
  • GitHub repository: objectopensource/wagon-doge
  • Netlify Large Media enabled

When I tried to clone my site’s repository, a “Git Credential Manager” popup window opens up asking for a username and password. My GitHub/Netlify username and passwords don’t work. I couldn’t find why this is happening or what I should do. Please let me know why this happens and what I should do.


Thanks in advance

This seems like either a GitHub or local issue, not one with Netlify.

This only happens with this particular repository which has Netlify Large Media enabled. So, it has to have something to do with Netlify.

Hey there, @poweredbylinux :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! We have some troubleshooting steps for Git Credentials in this Large Media Support Guide. Follow those steps and let us know if it works!

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It turns out I didn’t even run lm:install, sorry!

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Hey there, @poweredbylinux :wave:

Not a problem! Glad you got this working :netliconfetti: