Getting a 502 (lambda timeout) with basic form ajax submit

The site is (site name: casasuenosvillamartin)

The contact form used to work, but after a deploy and DNS change (changed it to Netlify DNS) yesterday i’m getting 502 errors when trying to submit my contact form. It’s the basic AJAX form implementation, as seen in the docs.

The contact form didn’t take seconds before, what am i missing?
Getting this error: {“errorType”:“LambdaTimeout”,“errorMessage”:“2023-11-30T15:53:34.042Z 681a2bd3-763f-4fdb-8464-455b05c58823 Task timed out after 10.01 seconds”}

Not sure if it’s related but we’ve seen random 502’s throughout this week when calling serverless functions. Quite a significant increase today.

Currently debugging it, could be related to something else.

Have you checked: [Support Guide] Why is my function taking long or timing out?