Get the webhook Netlify again

When we use Netlify to manual init the site, we will receive the default webhook like the attachment below

Unfortunately, I lost it and find no way to get it back. Could you help me to get these webhook again? Thanks

P/s: it’s web hook, not build hook

I need the webhook to trigger preview deploy

hi there toanhq,

you should be able to look up details on the webhooks with your git provider, can you check and see if that is the case? if not, let me know.

also, just for future reference, Appreciate the polite address, but it’s worth pointing out that 50% of the support team, and ~40% of the Netlify team as a whole are not “gents”. :slight_smile:

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Hi @perry,

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately, when initialing the Netlify repo I don’t save this webhook to the git provider. So I can’t get it

p/s: thanks for your feedback about the polite address, removed also.

Hi @toanhq,

Could you let us know the Netlify site name so we can try to find this for you?

yes, I will direct message you with another account