Get and Post request 404 error

Hi @adamprinciotta

You assume correctly.

Where is the database?

Making a fetch request doesn’t involve leaving the page the request is made from. That’s the beauty of a fetch request.

The database is on an Ubuntu server I set up. The connection works from both my laptop and my desktop so there’s no problem with multiple connections that way. I tried adjusting the get and post requests so that they stay on the same page, but my get request just returns the index.html page and turns my home page into a blank white page. I console logged what it gives back and this is what I get

<!doctype html>React AppYou need to enable JavaScript to run this app.

I also changed the submission page to be like this
fetch(‘One More Once’,{
method: ‘POST’,
headers: { “Content-Type”: “application/json”},
body: JSON.stringify(data)
alert(‘Successful Submission’)
console.log(“Email sent”)
and I still get a 404 error even though this is the page it is currently on.

From a tiny bit more testing it seems very odd. When I go to the home page and click on the submit VODs navigation it lets me go to the submission page. But if I copy and paste the exact URL back into the search bar it gives a 404 error saying the page doesn’t exist. I am using React Router to handle my routing so I don’t see why there should be an error like that.

This is because you are running a React SPA. The solution to this issue is outlined in the following support guide as well as in this Netlify documentation and this Create React App documentation.

With the database

I suspect you have a proxy set up (e.g. in the package.json) which allows this to work. You have two choices on Netlify:

  • call the server URL directly from within the app; or
  • create a proxy to the database server to use relative paths (e.g. /data.)

Documentation for the latter you will find Proxy to another service.

I will look into these. Thank you very much

There may be another issue that I hadn’t thought about. When I run my site on my localhost, I run npm run start to boot up the javascript and src files for the site and npm run devStart to boot the connection to the server. I tried looking up a way to run commands after the site is deployed, but I couldn’t find anything. Maybe that was the issue all along?

Sounds like this is likely.

Simple answer to this is you can’t. It is not possible to run a Node instance on Netlify

You would need to find somewhere else to run the backend while having the frontend on Netlify.

I’m not sure I completely understand. I have a server.js file that basically just connects to my server/database, but I use node/nodemon to run it. So I can’t do that through netlify, but I can run it through another service to keep it always up as well? And having this file/connection separate from the deployment is fine and should work?

Yes, having the frontend deployed independently and separately from the backend is perfectly fine. That part of the idea of deploying to Netlify. Handle frontend deployments with Netlify, backend with a services of your choosing.

Essentially this is what you already have as you are running two separate commands to start the frontend and backend services.

Once you’ve deployed and configured the backend, you’ll need to set up the frontend accordingly with the address of the server. You can test this locally before deploying to Netlify.

Alright, thank you for the help, I will look into it

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Great suggestions, @coelmay! @adamprinciotta, after you look into this further, please do come back and let us know what ultimately solved your issue! This will help future forums members.


I was able to successfully put my server.js file for my back end onto a server I own. But now I am trying to figure out how to connect the front end and back end.
This is the basic get request which seems to work since it console logs REQUEST MADE and shows me what it returned, but it’s just the index.html file transcripted into the console.

However, I’m not sure if it should still be the url or if I should be connecting it to the server directly through the IP address, or if in the server I should be storing the data on a separate page on the website. But I am not sure how to do any of this. I’ve done a little research but it doesn’t really make sense to me, or they seem to just be localhost to localhost connections which worked fine for me before.

Yes, you need to connect directly to the backend. You will also need to a valid SSL certificate otherwise it will fail.

You can hide the server (a overcome issues if you don’t have SSL enabled) by proxying to the server (as mentioned previously.) E.g.

In a netlify.toml

  from = "/api/*"
  to = "" # Change to your server address/IP
  status = 200

Then in databaseData you would change the URL e.g.

url: /api/

Then no one need know the backend is hosted elsewhere.

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I will look into this tomorrow morning, thank you

Also which part of the to = do I change to the server address/IP. Is it completely in place of or just in place of /:splat?

The is intended as the placeholder for where the address of the backend should go. As for including the wildcard (*) and :splat, this depends on how the backend works.

If there is only one endpoint (the domain root i.e. the * and :splat need not exist e.g.

  from = "/api/"
  to = "" # Change to your server address/IP
  status = 200

And the URL for fetch is just url: "/api/".

If there are multiple endpoints (e.g., and the * and :splat are important. If you called url: "/api/getUserById" without the * and :splat with the above redirect rule the fetch call would fail as only the /api/ path is proxied.

Now I have a bad request error


I changed the url to /data/


And I changed the redirect to go to my server and subfolder where node is running the backend

Am I missing something else?

The redirect is invalid.

Likely you want this

  from = "/data/*"
  to = "" # If you have SSL, use https://
  status = 200

The error is still there but I think this may be a problem with the server putting the data out there. when I run the Server.js file on the server it successfully runs and connects to my SQL database.

But when I type in the url that should work directly into the search bar it says it’s not found

In my Server.js I have it set for the /data

and it should print out the json of the database

So the server is looking for a GET request on the /data path, but you aren’t doing that. You’ve also included the :splat in the URL which isn’t correct.

Have you configured app.listen?

This seems like an issue with how the server is configured, not with Netlify.

I’m sorry, to clarify, should I change the get request in my server to be like

get(‘’, (req, res) => { etc insetad of /data since it redirects it there?

I tested this but it doesn’t seem to work so that’s why I’m checking.

And I have the app.listen configured to run on port 8000 as you can see in the post before, but when I put in the search bar the address, it is looking at port 80.