Gatsby Wordpress Performance

Hello there,

I’m having huge performance issues with a basic Wordpress Gatsby build on Netlify -

I’ve simply cloned the Gatsby Wordpress starter demo (gatsby-source-wordpress-experimental/ at master · gatsbyjs/gatsby-source-wordpress-experimental · GitHub) and updated the config to point at my Wordpress CMS. The application runs smoothly in development & build on my machine but doesn’t appear to work when I deploy to Netlify. Clicking the ‘Hello World’ link does nothing.

In the console log for the Netlify build, I get the error ‘The result of this StaticQuery could not be fetched.’ However, there is no output on my local build.

Can anyone help please? Am I missing something really basic here?

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Just like the error says, it’s likely a bug in Gatsby. Have you tried opening an issue there?

Also, it might help if you update your dependencies to the latest versions.

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This was fixed by amending the Netlify build command from ‘gatsby build’ to ‘gatsby clean && gatsby build’.

I hope this helps someone else sometime soon!