Gatsby version 3 requires minimal Node.js version 12.13.0

After a lot work upgrading our Gatsby site from v2 to v3, we tried to deploy to netlify build but Gatsby v3 requires minimal Node.js version 12.13.0.

We created a .nvmrc file with the node version and created and/or added a NODE_VERSION env in the netlify UI but still not working, it seems netlify does not support Nodejs V12 yet, is that correct? Can you please add support for Nodejs version 12.13.0 a least.
Manage build dependencies | Netlify Docs

Migrating from v2 to v3 | Gatsby (

Handling Breaking Changes

This section explains breaking changes that were made for Gatsby v3. Most, if not all, of those changes had a deprecation message in v2. In order to successfully update, you’ll need to resolve these changes.

Minimal Node.js version 12.13.0

We are dropping support for Node 10 as it is approaching maintenance EOL date (2021-04-30). The new required version of Node is 12.13.0 . See the main changes in Node 12 release notes.

Check Node’s releases document for version statuses.

That’s not true. I’m using Node 16 and it works fine. Also, Netlify defaults to Node 12 unless overridden. There must be somewhere that you’re overriding the node version, for example, sometimes some users have node.js as a dependency in their package.json, or somewhere else.