Gatsby Preview for Drupal is not working for Draft status

We are using Gatsby Preview with Drupal Headless. We found Preview only works when the content status is Published in Drupal. We want Preview to work for Draft status as well. Not sure if this is possible. The interesting thing is , when we change content status to Draft, only Preview build is triggered, but the content is not getting updated.

Is this a limitation of Gatsby Preview for Drupal ? We are using Drupal 10.

Thanks for writing in! Drupal Previews in Gatsby aren’t limited to published content. You’ll definitely want to ensure you’ve configured the Gatsby Drupal module per this documentation, namely the “Gatsby Application” section:

  1. Update gatsby-node.js. Typically you will want to use the preview variable in conditionals that involve createPage calls. This will ensure that the preview environment will create unpublished and draft pages.

Please reach out with any questions!