Anyone have Drupal and Gatsby working with Stackbit?

We’re in the process of migrating from Gatsby Cloud to Netlify but even after reading the docs and migration guide, I’m afraid I’m absolutely lost on how we duplicate our current setup:

  • Drupal backend (hosted on Pantheon) with the gatsby-source-drupal module fully configured for our Gatsby Cloud environment
  • “Open Gatsby Preview” button on our content which, when clicked, automatically triggers an incremental Preview build
  • Other content updates also trigger automatic incremental builds

I understand that Netlify Connect seems to provide build hooks that work with the Gatsby module, but it’s only available to Enterprise customers (and we’re on a Pro plan for now). That said, I’ve been able to use the Drupal build hooks module to trigger builds on Netlify but I still have no idea how to replicate the Preview system our content editors relied on.

When I check the Stackbit docs at Content sources overview | Netlify Docs it doesn’t even mention Drupal as a supported content source, so…are we unable to use it? Or has someone managed to get it working with a Drupal backend?

@tqureshi-uog, we’re discussing this with the relevant team and would let you know once we have more details.

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Just wondering if you have an update/further info? On our Gatsby Cloud preview build, we’re able to see unpublished and draft content but I haven’t found any way to make this content show up on Netlify, even when I use the same basic_auth environment variables that I do on our Gatsby Cloud setup (i.e. a user who has permission to view unpublished content)

Hey @tqureshi-uog,

Unfortunately, there is no update at the moment. We have re-asked the devs and are waiting on their feedback.

Has there been any further progress on this issue?

Thanks for following up!

Building out a complete Drupal Connector for Netlify Create (including the associated CSI module) is on our team’s roadmap for Q1, however we don’t yet have any set timelines or ETA on when this will be available.

We’ll be sure to update this thread when that is released! Can you let us know if you’ve had any success viewing draft content with the Build hooks module?

We no longer use the Build hooks module because of bothersome issues (e.g. it clogs the database with a record of every single deployment ever made, offering no way to clean them out on a scheduled basis).

What we did instead could be described as a bit of a hack: we re-installed the Gatsby Drupal module but used Netlify build hook URLs where the Gatsby Cloud build hooks used to go. This works (and you can control the appearance of draft content by creating a user with permission to view it, assigning them an API Key, and then using that key in the environment variables for the site in question).

Still a much slower overall process than Gatsby Cloud, however (i.e. need to wait several minutes for a build to complete)

Got it, thanks for that context! We’ll be sure to keep you posted on progress toward releasing the Drupal Connector.

Our Compute team is also continuing to ideate on ways that we can augment the Netlify build process to implement some of the old Gatsby Cloud Preview functionality. We don’t have anything concrete to share on that just yet, but we’re hoping to have some exciting news on that front later this year. Please reach out with any questions!

Any further updates at this time?

Thanks for following up on this! Our team is still working on bringing this to GA (we’re hoping to be able to ship this in the next few months, but still can’t commit to a firm date as of yet).

Regarding the other functionality I referenced above:

We are currently in the private beta stage for this feature, which should allow you to replicate much of the functionality of previews on Gatsby Cloud. We also hope to be able to ship this in the next few months, and we’ll be sure to follow up here with more information as we get closer to a release date. Thanks again!