Gatsby Cloud to Netlify - domain wont release


Migrating a site from Gatsby Cloud to Netlify.

I have released the domain from Gatsby Cloud but Netlify won’t let me add - error message is “Another site is already using this domain”. I’m presuming its still picking up the gatsby cloud deleted domain,

Any advice on how long this will take before I can add it to Netlify or a better plan. Currently website now offline … not ideal.

The domain has been removed from the other Netlify site.

Thank you.

Was that an error or does it need to be done manually by a netlify engineer everytime because GC was using same infrastructure?

I have another 4 websites to migrate and want to understand the process I need to take.

Is there a source for this information?

I’m asking because it’s incorrect and if we’ve said so somwhere, it should probably be corrected. As mentioned in my response, the domain existed on a Netlify site and has been removed from there. As for your other 4 sites, if those domains also exist on Netlify, they’d need to be removed by us.

Oh I see. Because I think that site was on netlify before I migrated over to gatsby cloud.

I’ll check but I don’t think any of the others are. So this was an oddity rather than the norm.

No source, I think I’ve just thought it was same.

I cant find any evidence of a file with this ? in.

It’s being spat out by gatsby and is working fine in gatsby cloud.

But when the same commit sourcing the same data is on netlify it fails with this error message.

I’d really appreciate some help as Gatsby Cloud dies in a week and I need to get the site transferred to netlify to avoid downtime for the site.

I would have thought this migration would have been easy and would have had more hand holding.

Try building locally and see which of your files is getting that incorrect file name. This is not something we can help you with - you’d have to debug this part yourself.