Gatsby Build Times

Hey there,

I have a Gatsby site at A week ago, build times were approximately 7 minutes, however after updating the essential Gatsby plugin, it is now taking ~40 minutes each time. It seems that the cache is being deleted each time. Initially it recognises an existing cache, however it still displays this during the build:

8:54:45 AM: info gatsby-source-wordpress
8:54:45 AM: This is either your first build or the cache was cleared.
8:54:45 AM: Please wait while your WordPress data is synced to your Gatsby cache.
8:54:45 AM: Maybe now’s a good time to get up and stretch? :smile:

When I build the site locally or on Gatsby Cloud, it takes about 7 minutes when the cache is clear. Not sure why it would take so much longer only in a Netlify build environment?
Any ideas? Here is the full deploy log.

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hi there andy,

looks like you’ll be needing a 45 min build time for that site.

do you have a Pro account or a credit card on file?

here is a little more info on why build times take as long as they take:

Im in the same boat too and I don’t think increasing build times makes sense. It may be with the Essential Gatsby Plugin.

that’s super frustrating - is there anything in here that matches what you are seeing?