Gatsby build says "Starting to fetch data from .." but my backend isn't contacted

Even when I choose “clear cache and build”, the build process doesn’t actually contact my backend. Even though it says “Starting to fetch data from ”. When I copy and paste the URL from the build log into a browser, it actually does contact the backend and gets the data. It just keeps using some cached version of the data.

Is this about Gatsby Cloud or Gatsby framework? Could you please share your site name or dashboard link?

It is about Gatsby Cloud.

I think it must be this application:

I don’t know exactly which deploys had this behavior, I only know it was on the 14th.
It was solved after manually uploading a folder with a build that I made on my local development machine.

But of course, this is not a solution. If I don’t know how this can happen, it can happen again and my application will be using stale data from the backend.

I was looking at the raw build log while it was building, and it was showing “starting to fetch data from (my backend api endpoint”, but I could see on the server console that the backend api was never called.
My frontend Gatsby application was built with out-of-date data from the api.

Do you know under what circumstances this api call during the build process could be cached, even when I manually picked “clear cache and build” from the deploys page? Does it use the “cache-control” headers returned from the api in the previous build process?

Try building on Netlify. Gatsby Cloud would be shut down soon enough, so debugging this problem doesn’t make a lot of sense. Especially if this turns out to be a bug on Gatsby Cloud, you can be sure it won’t be addressed.