Gatsby 4 DSG functions only work when built from Netlify builders

I am expirimenting with Gatsby 4 for my site
using @netlify/plugin-gatsby@2.0.0-zz-beta.0 3 functions are added, for example for DSG.

When using the Netlify builders, I got everything working. DSG functions render my defer-ed pages and I can see logging in the DSG function.

But when building from another source, for example using netlify-cli locally and using netlify build and netlify deploy, the Functions are added, but they do not seem to work. Nothing happens in the logs and I get 404s.

Built from Netlify services:
Built and deployed from local machine using netlify-cli:

Is it redirect rules? The UI gives me:
2 redirect rules processed vs 1 redirect rule processed
EDIT: manually adding redirect rule /* /.netlify/functions/__dsg 200 makes the page error ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat '/var/task/.cache/data'":

hi there, sorry to hear you are having problems! this might be something that has not been resolved yet as the plugin is still in beta.

did you review the issues here?

if there isn’t something already filed that covers your problems, please do file an issue to the right team can work on it!

thank you =)