Functions: Node 16 will be the new default runtime

As of July 11, all new Netlify Functions will use the Node 16 runtime by default. This will affect all new deploys, unless the runtime has been manually set using the AWS_LAMBDA_JS_RUNTIME environment variable .

If you are currently building your site using Node 14, it is a good idea to update it to also use Node 16 or later for builds. This is particularly the case if you experience new runtime errors after the upgrade. See the docs on setting your build’s Node version . This is already the default for new sites, but existing sites are not automatically updated.

For more information see the following docs:

If you have any questions about about this change or it causes any problem, please reply to this thread!

Do you know if that is causing this issue we are having with Gatsby DSG? We have tried specifying node 16 in our .nvmrc and the build log is confirming it’s using 16 and the site is building with no errors. When we visit at DSG page we get this error message.

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Thanks for reaching out! I have followed on the following thread:

Let’s keep our responses there in order to streamline the conversation. Thanks!

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