Function Invocation Timeout


Some of my Netlify Function invocations are taking over 10 seconds to run for large queries on

I have (had?) a support ticket in progress with Gualter A, where it was changed to the maximum for a Pro account (26s). Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to have worked.

Could someone please help me by confirming this is set to the maximum possible timeout?


Have confirmed that your functions on that site are really and truly running with a 26 second timeout, at least in your production deploy.

Looking at the traffic for that app, I see 2 requests today that ran for longer than 10 seconds - one ran successfully in 18s and one ended after not finishing in 26 seconds.

So am pretty sure it’s working as designed :slight_smile:

If you see some 10 second aborted function loads with a 502 status, that would indicate the timeout; anything else (longer loads that still return 502’s; longer loads that return other statuses) is the feature working as designed.


Thanks for following up on that - I ended up having support confirm that they’d increased the timeout, I just didn’t realise you needed to trigger a fresh build in order for it to take effect.

That answers my question/request, thanks!

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Thanks so much for following up. Happy building! :rocket: