Frequently seeing "Logs not found for this deploy"

Not just for this site, but for multiple sites, we see that some function logs do not load and instead show the message “Logs not found for this deploy”.

This started happening a couple months ago and is not consistent but seems to always get in the way of us trying to troubleshoot something when the logs don’t load.

The raw WSS message that is coming back from wss:// is {"type":"error","ts":0,"message":"Logs not found for this deploy","status":404}

Hi @rob,

Is this specific to some specific functions? Could you send us the URL of the deploy in which you’re not seeing the logs for the functions (along with the name of the functions)?

Yes you can see this currently in the function named processMoveAR. It appears to be random and not specifically tied to a function’s content. Some deployments result in this for some functions and we could deploy again and a different set of functions would give this error.

Here’s the deploy for the latest: Netlify App

Hi, @rob. That is displayed when there are no logs for that function in the time window selected. If I request that function endpoint I do see logging for it in the current time window (I used the time window of “Last hour”.)

Would you please request the function URL and then use that time window to see if you see the same or not? If you don’t see logging under those conditions, please let us know.

Ok, well I guess I will keep a closer eye on it and try to provide better evidence when we experience it again.