Forms not picking up new fields


I added 3 new fields to our forms and deployed it to our dev/staging branch ( early this morning (Wed 10/15 @ ~4:00 UTC). However, I am not seeing the new fields showing in subsequent submissions. Could this be related?

One thing to note – The form name defaults to empty when the page is rendered ( The user must select from a list of options from a field above the form which is then used as the form name when it’s posted. Not sure if this would be impacted by recent changes.

Do I need to deploy the changes to production before the new fields will be recognized?


hi @kyeck,

i actually think this is maybe unrelated. Was the form working before?

And yes, you do need to deploy the changes for the new fields to be recognized. a plain html form needs to match any changes you make (if you are using an SSG) and it is read and parsed at build/deploy time.

Hi Perry,

I deployed the changes to production (, but I’m sill not seeing the new fields in the submission data.

The form was and continues to work. It’s just not picking up the 3 new fields that were added yesterday (city, state, zip). I confirmed via DevTools that the POST is sending the new fields with the form data. They’re just not being saved with the form submission data.

city=“Los Angeles”
message=“Test:Do not respond.”

Let me know if you need any more details.


Hey Ken, sounds similar in shape, but not sure it is the same problem. On that form, there is this oddness in your html:


what is the value of the form-name field? Should be “other”, looks like…nothing? I think this has generated the form in your dashboard that has no name:


Anyhow, I can’t find the html file in your deploy with that “other” form definition (not the blank one; the one you are trying to submit to) - the /contact-us/index.html file has only that empty form definition that we handle, and all form definitions/changes must be in html files rather than constructed by javascript if you want us to update the form definition in our system and start collecting new fields.

Mind linking me to the html file where the form is defined so I can take a closer look at it?

I figured it out - It’s an issue on my end.

Turns out we have a separate file, forms.html, where each form is defined (ie “other”, “billing”, “sales”, etc.).

I did not update those forms to include the new fields. I only added the new fields to the corresponding form on the contact-us page (that’s supposed to have matching fields so when the form is submitted the name, based on what the user selects, matches one of the “static” forms Netlify scanned/found during the deploy).

Probably not the best way to implement, but it’s code I inherited and am obviously learning as I go.

I appreciate your help and timely responses!


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