Forms are not being found at build and all requirements have been met


We are having real problems trying to find the form on a website build using Next.js, an example of this is at the bottom of this page.

We have tried all the different support options and even dropping in another working form used elsewhere in the website into the same place and still no luck. Can you let us know if you can see anything on your end?

The form has a hidden input with a name of form-name and value matching the form name.

We can provide access to a GitHub repo if it helps.

Hi @snips11,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for creating this post!

The form (salary-guide) found that exists on your static HTML page is on salary-guide.html. The page (become-a-member) that the form (members) is on (the form not found by Netlify) is rendered by a NextJS function, because of this, the HTML version of the form doesn’t exist while building. You’ll need to add the form as a static HTML version on the website. Once the form is detected by Netlify, it doesn’t matter how the form is submitted, and it should work for the dynamically rendered form.

This is mentioned under [Support Guide] Form problems, form debugging, 404 when submitting for If you’re using a pure javascript form instead, this additional step is required.

Hope this helps!