Form's action attribute not working with Nuxt.js

So I have a form which takes an action value like so:


and when I submit the form, it takes me to the correct url but instead of my contact page showing, it displays the default netlify ‘thanks for your submission’ page.

Can anyone help explain why this might be?

Hi, @Fergmux, and welcome to our community site.

Yes, it should be redirecting to the URL in the action attribute. We’d be happy to research this.

Would you mind sending us a link to the form on the deployed site and also the link to the HTML version of the form (only if the form is created by javascript at browse time)?

If you don’t want to post the URLs publicly, we can arrange for you to send them to us privately so please let us know if this is the case.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for your response!

The preview deploy is here.

You’ll see when you submit the form it takes you to /contact/submit but shows the default form submission page. If you visit the url yourself it shows the correct page. (Which in my case is the same page with a thank you message added)

I thought it might be to do with the fact I’m passing params through the url, but I can’t get it to work with any of the pages on the site.

Just an update, It doesn’t work even when linking to a full URL.

Sorry, but we can’t really see it - seems to require a sign-in of some sort? That’s probably also what’s interfering with proper display…