Form with Nuxt and fetch API returns 200 but no submissions in dashboard

Hello dear team!

I have read almost 20 threads with all the different replies, documentation and github source code about the Nuxt example that you have shared but I still can’t figure out what’s happening with my form submission.

I am using Nuxt and submitting the form with an AJAX request using the fetch API. I am getting back a 200, so the request is successful, the payload looks fine to me and I have added the hidden form-name input. Although everything looks fine, my submissions are not saved in my Netlify account, so I am not sure what I am missing. I would love to get some help, here’s both my form code and my AJAX request: (Don’t mind the linter :sweat_smile:)

I would really appreciate any type of help or tips. Thank you very much!

Howdy, and sorry to hear about the form woes. Could you please share your Netlify url so we can dig up the form in our backend and see what it looks like from that perspective? That way, we’ll also be able to send some test submissions and see how that goes. Thanks!

If you could also share a screenshot of the POST request from your browser’s dev console, that would be super helpful. It should look something like this: