Form submission returns 303

Hello when I try to submit form I receive 303. Why? It worked previously on same page.

hi there, netlify does not provide email - can you explain in a different way what you are trying to do?

Sure. What I try is submitting form there. It’s connected to netlify according to docs. On submit it redirects me and doesn’t submit a form to netlify.

Hey @paweljurczynski,
We usually return a 303 when there is an issue with the reCAPTCHA. Are you using a custom reCAPTCHA? If so, can you confirm that it is configured to work with your domain (you’d do that in your Google dashboard)?

If not, can you please share your form code? It could be that you set data-netlify-recaptcha="true" but then do not create the necessary div with the reCAPTCHA in the body of your form.

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Thank you @jen!

I’ve redesigned entire website and I forgot to add:

    to environment variables.

Anyhow, it was weird that I could verify my self and I got “green checkmark” from ReCaptcha though :man_shrugging:

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Glad to hear that this is fixed!