Form containing hCaptcha response always returns 303

I have a form with data-netlify="true" to which I’m trying to add an hCaptcha field, but whenver the form is submitted containing the h-recaptcha-response field, Netlify returns a 303 back to the original page instead of processing the form. This is despite there being no data-netlify-recaptcha attribute on the form.

I’ve tried deleting the form and creating it under a new name but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Is Netlify looking for h-recaptcha-response and behaving differently? Maybe this is a bug?

Any help appreciated.

So we do not look for h-recaptcha response at the moment. We offer Recaptcha2 which is different from HCaptcha:

I’m not expecting Netlify to verify the captcha response, just pass it through. I have some code in a submission-created function to do the verification.

The problem is, instead of processing the form Netlify just serves a 303 redirect back to the original page, and I’m trying to figure out why.

Hi @scullion,

Thanks for the follow-up. Could you provide us with the site name?