Form submission http error 404


I copied this form from another site i made and currently manage and changed it for this domains needs but when i submit i get that error wether i use a custom success page or not but i see the forms in the netlify UI. Also i hope this is in the right category. plz help ive looked throught the rest of the forms and docs and youtube videos and i can’t figure out why this doesn’t work.

Hi @nitronick23 , Welcome and thanks for the post.
First of all kindly make sure you remove the onSubmit attribute on the form tag if you are not using JavaScript to submit the form.

Secondly make sure the success.html file exists and the path is correct when adding it as value to the action form attribute.

The path must be relative to the site root, starting with a / .

Therefore if the success.html is in the project root then the value of the action attribute should be /success

Kindly make the changes and then redeploy.
Let me know the outcome.


Thank you for the reply. I figured out it was because i had the incorrect name for the form for the netlify-honeypot=“bot-field” . you have to have it matching the form name.

also you dont need the file extension if the href is linking to another page?

Hi @nitronick23 , thanks for the feedback
The .html file extension is optional.

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