Form 404 on submit (NOT using Netlify forms)

This is about the site (

I’m using a contact form, but not using netlify forms (I even disabled it to make sure).

On submitting the form, I get a 404 (the form works fine on the dynamic version of the site -

It feels like POSTing to / generates a 404.

Here is the response header of the 404:
x-nf-request-id: 01GDDSSNP2953WXPV4VN0MZC7Q

The only support documents I found about this implies using netlify forms which I’m not.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hello @Covivance , Thanks for posting.

If you are not using Netlify forms then I am assuming you are submitting the form data to an api. If that’s not the case, can you provide more information on how you submit the form data?
Also if possible can you share a repository of your site to help with debugging.

Thank you for getting back.

So the dynamic version of the site is hosted via a CMS (Craft) and the form is using a plugin (Formie). The static version here on Netlify is POSTing to the action endpoint formie/submissions/submit which the CMS will then translate to

I have a _redirects to proxy any page not found to the CMS domain as follows:
/* 200

It feels as if the POST request to the action endpoint is not being proxied to the dynamic site.

Hi, @Covivance, thanks for the reply.

Since your form submission endpoint is hosted elsewhere on CraftCMS, you need to send the form data using JavaScript to that endpoint.

I see that you have created an issue on the formie github page regarding the same issue.
At this point it would would be best to contact Formie for support. Kindly visit the official support page using the link below.

Hope this helps.

Hi there, I’m on the verge of getting it to work, I will report back about it during the WE, I need to test it some more but in a nutshell, I needed to add the action attribute in the form’s tag and proxy it to the dynamic site for processing, plus doing it via Ajax so that I won’t leave Netlify.

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